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Netflix brings TikTok? Kenya’s electric vehicle plans, New SIM registrations

Netflix is rolling out a new feature, Fast Laughs, on its mobile app. Fast Laugh is a video feed of comedy shows, series, and sitcoms. This option is currently rolled out on iOS. Android users will get to have a feel in a few months to come.

Why should you care? You can simply click on this feed to see snippets of trending comedy shows and series. From there, users can also watch the full video, react to or share the short clips, as well as add them to their Watchlist.

Clone or…? Fast Laughs is similar to TikTok. The snippets are displayed on a full screen with engagement buttons on the far right side. With a click, you can share and react with emojis while watching. The only difference is there is no comment button.

Not today: Netflix is really trying to make its users have the social media experience while on the video streaming app. Previously, it was the vertical rows of snippets from suggested movies called ‘Previews’, like Snapchat or Facebook Stories.

Next in line: In a few months, Netflix may also introduce another feature called ‘Shuffle Play’, an AI feature that suggests what you should watch based on your choice of previous movies.

While this is similar to the already full homepage of videos calling to be watched, the ‘Shuffle Play’ feature will help out on days you’re not sure of what to watch.

With a click, it will start playing what it deems suitable for you at the moment; probably picked from an unfinished movie, Watchlist, or a randomly selected show.

By the way, Netflix probably wants to compensate for 2020. The company plans to release 70 original movies, at least once a week, in 2021. On a few occasions, Netflix hinted where some of these movies will come from. Yesterday, it announced that it will release 41 Bollywood original movies in 2021.

Meanwhile, with the launch of Netflix Naija, some Netflix Nollywood original content may also be released this year.


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