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Former US Senator Says Morocco Deserves Center Stage in US-Africa Relations

Carol Elizabeth Moseley-Braun, a US diplomat and a former Democratic Senator for the state of Illinois, said on Friday that Morocco’s rising prominence in Africa’s geopolitical landscape makes it a privileged and invaluable partner for US ambitions in Africa.

Moseley-Braun, who was the first Africa-American woman to ascend to the US Senate and the first African-American Senator from the Democratic Party, made the remarks as she participated this week in a host of US-Africa relations-themed policy meetings in Morocco.

She invoked Morocco’s increasing pan-African commitments, praising the country’s “important” role in promoting a vision of African solidarity as the continent prepares to face emerging challenges.

Currently on visit to Morocco,” Moroccan state media reported, Moseley-Braun is “the guest of the Diplomatic Foundation and the Socialist Union of Popular Forces (USFP).”

The former Illinois Senator attended a meeting with a number of African ambassadors to discuss “Strengthening Relations between the United States and Africa, an emergency in view of the pandemic and security context,”  the report noted.

Expressing satisfaction with the ideas and suggestions to which she was exposed during the meeting, she promised to work towards furthering US-Africa relations.

She suggested Morocco is emerging as an indispensable African leader and should be an important ally for any major power with strategic interests in the continent.

On Morocco’s internal reforms, the former American senator noted the North African country’s progress on gender equality and female empowerment. She said she was “impressed” by the “encouraging” progress Morocco has made in terms of gender equality.

Turning to recent developments in Western Sahara, Moseley-Braun said she will plead with President Joe Biden to uphold the newfound US recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the region.

“I will tell the president to quickly activate the inaugurated American consulate,” she said.

Moseley-Braun’s comments come as the US and Morocco multiply efforts to strengthen their relationship.

A number of US officials have recently spoken about Morocco’s world-renowned records on security and energy efficiency, as well as its significance as a reliable US partner in the Sahel-Sahara corridor. They have noted the country’s effective counter-terrorism actions and its globally acknowledged success on the climate crisis.

In terms of US-Africa, the US Agency for International Development (USAID) recently suggested Morocco was a central piece in the US’ African ambitions.

Designating the country as the gateway to the new US strategic ventures in Africa, USAID unveiled an Africa-centered investment plan where Morocco is set to take center stage.


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