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AU hails endeavor of SADC on regional standby force

The African Union (AU) has commended member states of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), for the efforts being deployed towards ensuring the full operationalization of the SADC standby force within the overall framework of the African Standby Force (ASF).

In its latest meeting, the Peace and Security Council of the 55-member pan-African bloc has deliberated on the SADC region standby force, particularly the construction of the SADC regional logistics depot, whereby it has called on other regions of the continent to emulate the best practices of SADC, according to an AU statement on Tuesday.

The council has also commended China for its continued support to the endeavor being made to enhance the capacity of the African Standby Force, thereby contributing to the efforts of peace and stability on the continent.

Expressing its support to the SADC for mobilization of additional resources required for the successful completion of the construction of its ASF regional logistic depot, the Council urged AU member states and the larger international community to extend the necessary support to the construction of the SADC regional logistics depot.

The Council urged the Chairperson of the AU Commission to facilitate the delivery of Chinese support, as requested by SADC, towards the physical construction of the SADC Regional Logistics Depot as requested by SADC.

It has also commended China for the continued support to the efforts of the AU and the regional economic communities and regional mechanisms aimed at enhancing the capacity of the African Standby Force.

Reiterating the various threats to peace, security and stability in Africa and the centrality of the ASF in addressing these threats, the Council underlined the need for accelerating the construction of all the regional logistic depots in the five AU geographic regions.


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