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Egypt demands allocating 2 seats for Africa in Security Council

Egypt’s permanent representative at the United Nations Mohamed Idris demanded allocating two permanent seats for Africa in the Security Council with full powers, including the veto in the United Nations’Security Council.

This came during the plenary session of the UN General Assembly on equitable representation in the Security Council, which was widely attended and aimed at the council’s reform and expansion, according to the statement released by the Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Friday.

Idris expressed Egypt’s adherence to the implementation of the African position represented in the Ezulwini Consensus which included this demand. Idris’s demand also came in light of what was agreed upon during the last African Summit in Addis Ababa under the Egyptian presidency.

Idris has indicated that the negotiations to reform and expand the Security Council in 2019 coincide with the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the United Nations.

Idris called for the necessity of the solidarity of the member states of the United Nations on the principles of reform and justice, to confront the current imbalance in the Security Council and to give the African continent a worthy role in making international decisions.

(Egypt today)

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