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Ivanka Trump to Promote Women’s Economic Development Plan in Morocco

Ivanka Trump will visit Morocco to promote her Economic Development Plan. The 38-year-old presidential daughter is expected to visit Morocco in early November but no exact dates were released yet. This is her third trip overseas promoting Women’s Global Development and Prosperity (W-GDP) Initiative since it was launched in February.

In a statement she released in The Associated Press, Ivanka, who is also her father’s advisor, said that the kingdom of Morocco is a valued ally of U.S. that has taken strides under the King Mohammed VI to promote gender equality. In addition, Ivanka tweeted in her account her support in the Moroccan government after it began the process of its inheritance law by letting women received half as much as men.

According to Time, Ivanka Trump will be joined by the Chief-Executive-Officer (CEO) of Millennium Challenge Corporation. The corporation is an independent U.S. foreign aid agency that helps developing countries to promote economic growth, reduce poverty, and strengthen institutions through grants.

Women’s Global Development and Prosperity aims to help 50 million women coming from developing countries through U.S. government activities, private-public partnerships, and new innovative fund by 2025. In July, Mark Green and Ivanka Trump announced that there are 14 new projects and more than 200 public-private sector partner across 22 countries to support the (W-GDP) initiatives.

According to USAID, the partnership includes representatives from bilateral and multilateral donors, universities, foreign governments, non-government organizations, and the private sectors that will enable the W-GDP to reach more than 100,000 women from developing countries in the coming years.

The W-GDP is founded in the three pillars of empowering women to prosper in the workforce, women to succeed as enterpreneurs, and enabling women to have a vital role in the economy.

Meanwhile, Ivanka Trump and Sean Cairncross will meet the government officials and local leaders in Rabat and Casablanca Morocco to discuss on how to empower and help women gain economic independence in the region. Ivanka travelled in Ethiopia and Ivory Coast and Sub-Saharan Africa in April while she travelled in Argentina, Columbia and Paraguay, and in South America in September to promote the W-GDP initiatives.

The fund in this initiative is managed by the USAID and is established through its National Security Presidential Memorandum-16. Overall, it has an incentive fund of $27 million various programs which aims to empower women.

Among its programs are; A Micro-Journey to Self-Reliance: Economic Reintegration for Victims of Gender-Based Violence, Women Prospering in Technology, Pro-Jeunes Vocational Training for Women in Energy, Property Rights for Women’s Economic Empowerment, Supporting Entrepreneurial Skills (YES-Georgia), USAID Global Development Alliance with Alaffia Alliance, Producer-Owned Women’s Enterprises, Jadi Pendusaha Mandiri (JAPRI) – Becoming an Independent Entrepreneur,  Women’s Economic Empowerment, The Journey to Self-Reliance through Women’s Economic Empowerment,  Women in Rwandan Energy (WIRE), Women’s Entrepreneurship Promotion and Business Investment Activity, Women Enabling Women, and Women’s Economic Empowerment in the West Africa Trade and Investment Hub (WATIH).

Hopefully, the projects will open door for women towards employment and entrepreneurship and provide financial assistance for women in their business.


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