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Positioning Nigerians Towards Achieving UHC with ‘The Lancet Report’

the newly commissioned ‘Lancet Report’ during the ‘Global Launch of The Lancet Nigeria Commission’, was a step in the right direction for Nigeria to achieve Universal Health Coverage by 2030 In public-health parlance, it is often said that a healthy nation is a wealthy nation’. Therefore, the Universal Health Coverage …

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Africa Has Ambitious Goals for 2063 – Plans for Outer Space Hold the Key to Success

Agenda 2063 is the African Union’s long-term framework for socio-economic development, regional integration and the preservation of history and culture. The agenda has 15 flagship projects. These have been identified as necessary for meeting the continent’s aspirations. They are wide-ranging and include constructing a network of high-speed trains; ending violence and creating …

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UN releases $100 million to fight hunger in 6 African countries and Yemen

The contribution from the Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF), announced on Thursday, will go towards relief projects in six African countries and Yemen. Lifesaving relief The money will enable UN agencies and their partners to provide critical support, including food, cash, nutritional help, medical services, shelter, and clean water. Projects will also …

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