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UN calls for open dialogue over Zimbabwe economy

The Zimbabwean government has been urged to create formal and open channels to allow its citizens voice their concerns over the country’s economy.

According to the United Nations, recent protests in the country have been fueled by the increasing cost of living with little assurance from the government of how it plans to spur economic growth.

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights spokesman Rupert Collville said the government needs to find ways to continuously engage with the population about their legitimate grievances on the economic situation.

The UN has also called on the government to exercise restraint when cracking down on peaceful protestors.

“We are deeply concerned by the socio-economic crisis that continues to unfold in Zimbabwe. While acknowledging efforts made by the Government, the international community and the UN in Zimbabwe to mitigate the effects of the crisis and reform process, the dire economic situation is now impacting negatively on the realization of the economic and social rights of millions of Zimbabweans,” he said.


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