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Zimbabwe: USAID Pours More Relief for Cyclone Idai Victims

Relief for victims of the devastating tropical Cyclone Idai that ripped through south eastern Manicaland early this has moved to reconstruction and delivery of essential services including water, American development arm, USAid has said.

In a statement following a fresh US$4.7 million donation, the US embassy in Harare said the assistance will help the people of Chimanimani and Chipinge who are still coming to terms with the freak weather phenomenon that left over 400 people dead and tens of thousands homeless in March.

“This complements previous Cyclone Idai relief efforts through USAID’s office of Food for Peace and Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, and brings the total US government contribution to US$8 million,” the embassy said.

Cyclone Idai also left a trail of death and destruction in Mozambique and Malawi with the death toll across all three countries running into over a thousand.

According to the statement USAid will continue to support the affected families piece their lives together.

“USAid is working together with other seven companies to provide affected families with access to clean water and hygiene supplies, shelter and settlement support, and agricultural early recovery services.These resources build on initial cyclone response contributions from USAid to the United Nations World Food Program, GOAL and Lead Trust.

“In response to the results of several assessments completed by USAid, we are providing additional funding towards recovery efforts to help people rebuild their lives after the tragedy,” the statement added.

USAid has reportedly managed to provide shelter to 36,400 individuals and launched a program which is helping 1,700 smallholder farmers to grow high value crops, cereals and pulses helping them to achieve long and short term food security needs.

Cyclone Idai ravaged Chimanimani and Chipinge, among other areas, causing massive damage to infrastructure with a lot of families losing everything they ever owned.


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